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If you require support in sourcing accommodation, please contact our Lancaster ISC Central Student Support Team to enquire about our currently available accommodation options.

Welcome home

You can choose to live in student accommodation or arrange your own private accommodation*. Living on campus alongside other students is the ideal way to make the most of your student experience.

Why live in University-managed accommodation?

Lancaster University is one of only a few UK universities to operate a collegiate system. This means you live, socialise and graduate with members of your college.

Studying at a large, internationally focused university, you still get to feel part of a smaller close-knit community. You will meet and mix with people from different courses, and share interests outside of your studies. There are many activities to enjoy on campus.

Be part of a student community

The eight colleges are one of the most distinctive and valued features of Lancaster University. Each one is an individual community. It has its own identity, administration, student executive, social scene and facilities.

On-campus accommodation is offered on a self-catering basis to International Study Centre students. It is located within the colleges, so your choice of accommodation will depend on the college you are allocated to. If you live off campus you will still join a college. You can be as involved in college activities as you like.

Each college has its own Residence Officer. This means you will have a friendly face to approach with any queries or issues you may have.

How much will my accommodation cost?

Room type Price per week Facilities
£110.88 Shared toilet, shower and kitchen facilities, with a wash basin in your room
£131.46 - £141.75 Private bathroom and shared kitchen
Superior Ensuite
£145.46 - £154.98 Private bathroom and shared kitchen
Townhouse £132.93 12 students each have their own room with 6 shared shower rooms, a large communal kitchen / dining area and lounge

Please note these are the accommodation costs for the 2021/22 academic year.

Tenancies in most University accommodation last between 36 to 44 weeks. Tenancies in the townhouses last for 43 weeks.

Rent includes:

  • Heating, lighting, electricity
  • 24-hour security presence during term time
  • High-speed Internet
  • Insurance for your possessions, up to the value of £4,500.

What do I need to know?

Please secure your accommodation before arriving in the UK to study. This will ensure that you have no difficulty confirming your course at immigration or police registration (if required).

How do I book my room?

Once it is confirmed that you can return to on-campus learning, and if you have requested accommodation, the Central Student Support team will contact you with the latest information on available options and fees.

*University accommodation is compulsory for under 18 students.

Arranging your own accommodation privately

If you are booking your own accommodation privately it is important that you let us know where you are staying.

Two weeks' free accommodation prior to the start of Welcome Week

If UK Government guidance at the time of your travel requires you to self-isolate on arrival in the UK, you may wish to arrive on campus early so that you can complete the self-isolation period before the start of Welcome Week, or the start of term if you are a returning student. Or, you may wish to arrive early so that you can familiarise yourself with campus, Lancaster and the local area.

If you are staying on campus, we will provide up to two weeks’ accommodation free of charge prior to the start of Welcome Week if you are a new student, or the start of term if you are a returning student. Our accommodation team will contact you about booking your accommodation and will provide information about arriving early. When you reply, please let them know if you wish to arrive early. You will not be charged for the extra accommodation.

This offer is for those who have booked University accommodation on campus for the academic year 2021/22 and is not available for those who have booked their accommodation privately. If you have booked private accommodation for the year ahead you will need to liaise with your landlord if you wish to arrive early. Please contact your accommodation provider to ask about this.

Look out for fraud

Scammers may specifically target international students so it is important to be able to recognise common signs of fraudulent activity and know what to do if you come across it. Let us know at if you have any concerns about fraudulent activity when dealing with a private accommodation provider so that we can help to protect you and other international students in case they are targeted in the same way.

George from Zambia studied International Foundation Year in Law.

"The accommodation is brilliant, you get your own private room and a shared kitchen which has everything provided. After class there are societies you can join, excellent surroundings to relax in and brilliant sporting pitches."

George from Zambia studied International Foundation Year in Law

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