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Lancaster ISC Meet the Students

“I chose Lancaster because it is one of the top 10 Universities and the location is quiet so I could focus on my studies ”

"I am Reem from Oman and I am studying Foundation Year in Business and Management at Lancaster University ISC. After my GED in Oman I decided to go to the UK for my undergraduate study.  My father also studied here, so he supported me a lot on this decision. I had a choice between the UK and US, but when I looked through the educational system and everything I was looking for, I thought the UK was the best option. After that, I made research on UK Universities and their options; I finally chose Lancaster because it is one of the top 10 Universities and the location is quiet so I could focus on my studies.

"Since I arrived at the ISC, my communication skills improved a lot because I have to interact with people from all over the world and who have different backgrounds all the time. I also discover another teaching style here. Each teacher has its own methodology and they are all unique, but I understand all of them and enjoy it. Moreover, the ISC prepares us very well for entry in the University. We have coursework and reports to do, which are the kind of work we are expecting to do at an undergraduate level.

"New students should definitively come here because it is an opportunity for learning and also for social. The University has [a lot of] entertainment, and offers you lots of opportunities to do things. It is true that study here is very academic, but you can make the balance between work and leisure.

"I want to do my undergraduate degree in Lancaster University in Business and Analytics. After I would like to make a placement here, or work to acquire experience. Then I will apply for a Master.  In the future I want to become an entrepreneur in the food industry."

Reem, Oman
Business and Management

Lancaster ISC Meet the Students

“The campus is really nice and we have everything”

"I am Olapido and I am from Nigeria. I am studying Engineering and Computing at the International Study Centre of Lancaster University. I decided to come to the UK after my cousin said that it was really nice to study here. Then I went to different agencies and schools and I discovered that doing a foundation programme in this ISC enables me to get access to all the facilities of Lancaster University.

"The most difficult thing when I arrived in the ISC was my Chemistry class, because the level is higher here, and the way of teaching was really different to what I was used to. I needed to adapt myself to it. On the other hand, my best achievement here is my English level which improves a lot. I make better essays and I am able to speak more and take part in any discussions. I feel more confident now.

"Compared to Nigeria, the teachers in the ISC explain topics more clearly, and they are more focussed on each student. They pay attention to our needs, and sometimes we have office hours where we can go and speak with them if we have problems on the courses. They will explain it to you again and give you good advice. Finally, I really enjoy the fact that we are only few students in a class so tutors take the time to know every student."

Oladipo, Nigeria
Engineering and Computing

Lancaster ISC Meet the Students

“Since I arrived in the ISC my English level has improved a lot, as have my sciences skills”

"I am Cecilia from China. I am studying Life Sciences at Lancaster University ISC. Before I moved to England I was in an international high school in China. I came here because my father suggested I study in England and my uncle lives here so he can take care of me.  Moreover, my parents preferred that I study here rather than in the US because they find it safer. My agent also told me that Lancaster is a famous University for sciences that is why I went here.

"Since I arrived in the ISC my English level has improved a lot, as my sciences skills. We have a lot of practical classes and make a lot of experiments. It also enables us to communicate with our partners and learn how to work in group. In China, I was not able to do so many experiments, and the learning is much more based on books. What I really appreciate in the ISC is that teachers are really supportive towards students, and are available for us. They are really good, and answer any questions any time, also by email. Compared to China where we were fifty students per classroom, teachers can really focus on each student. The courses here are also more interesting, and we learn a lot of new knowledge. After class we must speak in English because people here are from different parts of the world. We have to make the effort and this helps me a lot to progress on my speaking and discover many cultures.

"Lancaster is like a small village, but the location is really good because it is close to bigger cities like Manchester or Liverpool, where I can have leisure time. The campus and the city are really quiet but it is good so I can focus on my studies."

Cecilia, China
Life Sciences