Benefits of studying abroad in the UK

Students on campus

The UK is among the most popular countries for international students wishing to study abroad. Universities in the UK are globally respected and offer a high-quality education. The UK is also culturally diverse and is a great base from which to explore the rest of Europe. A degree from a UK university will equip you with key academic and language skills and prepare you for a successful career upon graduation. Read on for our top eight reasons that studying in the UK could be the best decision for you.

Reasons to study abroad in the UK

1. High quality education

The UK is home to some of the most highly ranked universities in the world. The country has earned a reputation for high academic standards and world-class research.

While studying in the UK, you’ll develop an in-depth knowledge of your subject, as well as study skills and English language proficiency. Your UK degree will be recognised internationally, setting you apart from other candidates in the job market.

2. Cultural diversity

The UK is a culturally diverse country. When you study at a UK university, you will be part of a multicultural society where you’ll mix with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

While living in the UK, you can take advantage of its many restaurants, sampling cuisine from every corner of the world. You can also enjoy a multitude of festivals and events celebrating music, sports, history, and religion.

At university, you will be learning with other international students, so you will be able to build a global network of contacts and friends.

3. Lower tuition fees than the USA

If you were to study in the USA, it could cost you more than $50,000 per year at undergraduate level. A degree from the UK usually costs a great deal less. The main reason for this is that you will probably complete your UK degree in three years, whereas in USA programmes last four years.

Studying on a shorter degree programme will allow you to kick start your career sooner, alongside saving you money on tuition, living costs and accommodation.

4. Direct access to Europe

The UK has great transport links, particularly between cities, so you will be able to explore the whole country including England, Wales, and Scotland, during your time there. In addition, the UK is a perfect base from which to visit other countries in Europe. Low-cost airlines and the Channel Tunnel provide easy access to many tourist favourites as well as lesser-known destinations. Within hours, you could be relaxing on a Spanish beach or photographing the Eiffel Tower.

5. Range of subject options

Whatever your interests and career goals, UK universities offer a wide variety of subjects and degree programmes for you to choose from. From accounting to engineering, sciences to creative arts, you’ll be able to find your ideal choice in the UK.

Courses in the UK also come in different teaching styles to suit your study needs. For example, some degree programmes are based on theory whereas others are more practical. Some programmes have more contact hours than others. Some courses even offer students an opportunity to study abroad for a year or complete a work placement.

UK universities are also famous for their extra-curricular clubs and societies on campus. Whether you’d like to try a new sport or continue working on an existing hobby, you can enjoy studying, socialising and enjoying yourself in the UK.

6. Improve your English

A key main benefit to studying in the UK is that you can improve your English language proficiency in an English-speaking country. During your time on your degree, you will be developing and enhancing your English language skills through student life and studies. Fluency in English will help your career prospects and could enable you to secure a job in the UK after you graduate.

7. Stand out to employers

Studying abroad makes you stand out to prospective employers. Studying in the UK from a different country shows that you have the confidence to challenge yourself, adjust to new situations and make major decisions. Studying abroad will help you to develop your independence, adaptability, self-awareness, resilience, and problem-solving. Evidence of these skills will place you ahead of other graduates when looking for a job, either in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

8. International support

UK universities welcome thousands of international students onto campus each year. Many universities, such as Lancaster University, have specialist staff who dedicate their time to welcoming international students and helping them adapt to life and studying in the UK. Moving to another country is a big step; choosing a university that will help you with everything from study skills to settling into the UK culture will prepare you for success.

Start your UK study abroad journey with Lancaster University International Study Centre

The Lancaster University International Study Centre is located on a welcoming and modern campus. Here, our dedicated staff will help you adapt to UK life, prepare for your degree, and plan for your career. We organise fun activities, and provide academic, personal, and everyday support. From day one, you will join Lancaster’s welcoming student community, and you can concentrate on reaching your goals.

While at Lancaster, you will live in top-class accommodation with other first year students. You can take advantage of all the university facilities – these include our well-stocked library, £20 million sports centre and more than 200 student societies and clubs.

Prepare for your degree

An International Foundation Year or Pre-Masters Programme at our International Study Centre will prepare you for full-time degree study at Lancaster University. You will take classes in UK university study skills, English language, and academic modules specific to your chosen degree. Depending on your subject interests, you can take pathways in:

  • Business and management
  • Engineering and computing
  • Law
  • Life sciences
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Social sciences

If you don’t yet meet the English language requirements for either the International Study Year or the Pre-Masters Programme, you can enrol on an English Language Preparation programme.

To start your UK study abroad journey, apply to join us at Lancaster University International Study Centre today.