How to find support and prepare to study at the International Study Centre

A screenshot of the start of Shaun's study abroad experience

Warm welcome from Hong Kong, I am Shaun, student ambassador for Lancaster University International Study Centre! Here I will share tips for making the most of your time at the International Study Centre, whether you study remotely or on campus.

Due to the global pandemic, I was unable to arrive on campus to start my course by January. At that time, I thought studying remotely would make my life very difficult. What I did not expect was how friendly everyone was in our first encounter—as soon as we logged on, we all got a warm welcome from our tutor, and were guided into introducing ourselves to learn more about each other. Classes were very informative and we were well introduced to the online support the Centre offers. As I started to run into problems throughout the term, I struggled to look for support when in need of instructions—I thought I was being problematic, and I was slightly discouraged as I thought that it would affect my image in tutor’s eyes. During a casual chat with one of my tutors, she reassured me by telling me about the Centre’s ethos of putting students first and how tutors prefer proactive students. It was then that I realised that the International Study Centre is extremely keen on helping its students and tutors dearly prefer if students express what they’re going through and what they need help with.

Now, I am finally able to travel for my studies. As I will be flying in the coming month, I have started to prepare for life in the UK as well. First, buying flight tickets few months in advance has been a great option, as there will be a larger variety of choices and the prices of the tickets would also be friendlier—ticket prices tend to skyrocket by mid-July and August. Accommodations usually open two days before term starts, so in this year’s case it will open on the 2nd October. Due to the COVID situation, the Centre can also make special arrangements for students who need to quarantine, but it would be best to drop an email to the accommodations team to confirm what options are available. Please also refer to the government website to determine what other actions have to be taken

Lastly, the biggest tip for your journey at the International Study Centre would be to stay curious. Asking questions not only helps with solving your problems directly, it also helps your tutors to get to know you and builds a good rapport, by showing that you are an active learner who is suited for university. I wish you all a great summer break and hope to see you all by October on campus!