Preparing for life and studying in the UK

A group of students sit outside talking

One of our students, Anna from Russia, shares her experiences of preparing for her arrival to the UK in this blog. Here, she outlines the best approach to getting ready to join the International Study Centre, as well as her top tips on how to embrace the new university culture.

Preparing for the life in the UK is an extremely fun and fascinating process. Doing your own research, watching YouTube videos and scrolling Instagram pages to find information about student life in the UK, as you cannot wait to experience it all! I honestly could not wait to start my studies at the university and finally move to the UK, and I hope it will be the same for all of you as you prepare to begin your studies abroad.

First steps to take towards studying on campus

I completed a few steps before I arrived at campus, and I would love to share my experience and what helped me with everyone. Things I did before arriving in Lancaster included.

1. Virtually exploring the campus and town

Through doing this, I spotted several places I really wanted to visit — pharmacies, supermarkets and other places where I could buy some necessities. Also, I tried to figure out how transportation works to travel around the town and to the neighbouring cities as studying abroad gives you an excellent opportunity to visit many beautiful places.

2. Exploring all the societies available at the Student Union

I believe it is important for every student to join some societies, whether it is a sport activity, academic help or just following your interests and hobbies, because you should totally continue doing your favourite things as you would do back home. It can remind you of home and help you meet new people who share the same interests as you.

3. Downloading Lancaster University’s mobile app

I would recommend new students do this, or alternatively keep checking the official website of their future institution. All the news regarding studies, students, timetables and events are being posted there, and this will be the best way to stay updated.

This stage in life may seem unusual and even terrifying sometimes. However, once all the formalities are far behind, you should feel ready to start your new chapter. So many things which you never knew before will quickly become part of your daily routine, and everything will seem much easier once you embrace this new life and become a part of the community. Good luck everyone!