Lancaster University students are among the most satisfied in the UK

A Lancaster ISC student

Student satisfaction at Lancaster University is 91% according to the 2017 National Student Survey, ranking it fourth in the UK when FE colleges and small or specialist providers are excluded.

The stellar results highlight the quality of the learning experience and education that students receive at Lancaster University. It also emphasises the efforts staff make to deliver to such a high standard. Lancaster’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Mark E Smith, has stated the University values the survey feedback and will continue to strive for even better results: “Although we are regularly amongst the top 10 for overall satisfaction that doesn't mean that we are complacent or cannot do better.”

Every year the National Student Survey asks undergraduates to rate their course and university experience. At least 300,000 final year students at more than 500 higher education providers participated in 2017. Students consistently rank Lancaster University in the top 10 for satisfaction. The university also:

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