Sam from Switzerland: Life lessons on how to achieve studying from home

Sam, a student ambassador from Switzerland, stands outdoors

One of our student ambassadors, Sam from Switzerland, is currently studying his International Foundation Year in Business and Management Studies from home. Here, he shares his experiences of and positive outlook on virtual learning, as well as what it’s like to be a student during the global pandemic.

Hi everyone! My name is Samuel, but... just call me Sam, much easier, isn’t it?

It is lovely to see that many of you are preparing to begin this new and adventurous chapter in your life. Even so, I’m sure you are certainly wondering how students nowadays adapt to studying, since many of us are not yet able to go back to classroom learning.

With regard to that, let me tell you this: studying virtually needs a lot of ambition and persistence. Why? Simply because you need to know why you began your studies. Unlike at school, where teachers told you what exactly you had to do, at university you plan your work and execute it independently. For example, I plan my work as if it were a real job, in which I have to start at 9am and finish at 5pm. During my study hours, I avoid any major distractions, in particular my phone and any social media, news or music apps.

Take responsibility for your own studies

As you may know, Greek philosopher Socrates once famously said “know thyself,” which in this situation can be taken to mean that to succeed in your studies you have to know yourself. Studying at university will give you freedom, but you carry the responsibility of whether your freedom is carefully invested or not. Here, you have to be your own boss and secretary - the ones organising and executing the work on a planned basis. Does that mean you have to isolate yourself and work every single day, uninterrupted? Of course not. We all have to socialise, meet new people and enjoy the time with our closest ones. Do not forget that, even though we are living in unpredictable times, we can make the most of social media, which not only lets us connect with our friends and families, but also talk to future classmates and get to know people from all around the world.

Transitioning to studying on campus

Once you are on campus, your university will provide many activities to participate in, and you will be given the opportunity to join various clubs and societies, as well as being encouraged to participate during events and show your personal skills! Remember that everyone, from your personal tutor to Study Group staff, are here to support you. If you seek assistance and need help with any sort of issue, make sure to get in touch with the person who has been in touch with you.

Soon, it will be time for you to discover a new world and begin a unique life experience. Although some things cannot be done immediately, try to make the best out of the situation in which we are all together. Perhaps, in the meantime, it is advantageous to invest some additional hours in studying, so that we can enjoy our spare time with our friends in better times. Let me end this blog by thanking you for your attention and wishing you all the best and every success in your future.

Stay curious and safe!

Kind regards, Sam

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