Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The International Foundation Year at Lancaster University International Study Centre is available to all international students. It is the first step in gaining a degree from a top ten UK university. To enter the International Foundation Year course, you need a minimum level of English language and academic requirements.

General requirements

  • Age: 17+ upon entry to the International Study Centre
  • Academic: Good high school graduation grades or equivalent (see below table)

Maths requirements

All students are required to have passed maths in their final year of study*. Studying at Lancaster on the Engineering and Computing AND Mathematics and Statistics pathways requires a strong comprehension and ability in Maths. Students considering these pathways are strongly encouraged to take ONE of the following tests, to give an indication of the strength of Maths skills:

  1. Cambridge Test of Mathematics (TOM) for University Admission, OR
  2. Cambridge Sixth term exam  paper 1 (STEP paper 1).

A score of 4 in TOM OR 41/120 in STEP means that students have strong Maths ability and are well suited for these courses. Taking one of these tests and achieving the scores above will also replace the normal entry criteria, offering an alternative way to be eligible for enrolment. Academic IELTS for UKVI* will still apply.

We encourage all applicants to be confident that their own maths abilities are strong enough to cope with the demanding studies. These tests offer the chance for potential students to verify that they are at the required level, while offering a great new alternative to the standard entry requirements.

*All students' English and numeracy skills will be tested on arrival, and study plans may be altered accordingly. This may incur additional costs.

You need to have a minimum level of English language to start your International Foundation Year. Your language skills will also be tested when you arrive at the International Study Centre.

For entry to International Foundation Year in Engineering and Computer, Life Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics courses you need:

  • Academic IELTS for UKVI 5.0, with minimum 5.0 in writing*.

For entry to International Foundation Year in Business and Management Studies, Law and Social Studies courses you need:

  • A minimum Academic IELTS for UKVI 5.0, with minimum 5.0 in all sub-skills*.

Help with your English language

If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you can join our English Language Preparation course before starting your International Foundation Year.

Applying with a Tier 4* visa

If you need a visa to study in the UK, you may be asked for different or additional English language requirements and English tests. For example, you may need to submit a Secure English Language Test (SELT) with your Tier 4 visa application.

*If you do not need a Tier 4 visa, or are exempted in another way, we can accept equivalent proof of English.

Country Qualification
Bangladesh Successful completion of High School Certificate at an average grade of 60%
Botswana Successful completion of the Cambridge Overseas School Certificate grades 1-6 in 4 or more subjects.
China (Mainland) Successful completion of SH2 at an average of 75% (80% for Business and Management) in 5 or more subjects, or SH3 at an average of 70% (75% for Business and Management) in 4 or more subjects (in both cases must include key subjects).
China (Hong Kong) Successful completion of the HKCEE with 3 x D's and 1 E in academic subjects or Form 5 in a minimum of 4 academic subjects (grades will be assessed on a case by case basis). HKDSE with minimum grades 223 in relevant subjects
China (Macau) Successful completion of Form 5 with average grade 75%, or iGCSE / 'O' Levels with grade C or above in 5 relevant subjects including English
Ghana Successful completion of the West African School Certificate (WAEC) or Senior School Certificate average grade 6 or above in 4 or more subjects
India Successful completion of 10+1 with 70% or above in relevant subjects
Indonesia Successful completion of SMU 2/Sikolah Menegah at grade 7.0 or above, or SMU 3 with an average of 6.5 out of 5 academic subjects
Iran Successful completion of High School Diploma (3 years) with a GPA of 14 including relevant subjects
Japan Successful completion of Kotogakko with grade average of 70% or GPA of 3.5
Jordan Successful completion of Tawjihi with average of 80%
Kazakhstan Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with GPA of 4.0
Korea Korean High school graduation equivalency exam - 70%+ including relevant subjects
Libya Successful completion Secondary Education Certificate with average of 80%
Malaysia Successful completion of SPM (Malaysia Certificate of Education) (or forecast) with aggregate of 20 or less in best five relevant academic subjects to include English and Mathematics.
Mexico Successful completion of Bachillerato with average score of 75%
Nigeria Successful completion of West African School Certificate (WAEC) with grades A - C in 4 or more relevant subjects
Pakistan Successful completion of High Secondary Certificate with passes in 4 or more subjects with an average of 60%
Qatar Successful completion of Thanawaya Aam Qatari with average grade 80%, or QSSC - minimum 5 subjects with 3 subjects at Advanced Level with grades A-C
Russia Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with a GPA of 4.0
Singapore Successful completion of Singapore/Cambridge O Level - Grade A1-C6 in 5 relevant subjects.
Saudi Arabia Successful completion of Tawjihi with average of 80% including relevant subjects
Taiwan Successful completion of Senior High 2 at an average grade of 75% or Senior High 3 at an average of 70% in relevant subjects
Thailand Successful completion of MAW5 with grade 2.5 or MAW6 with grade 2.0 in academic subjects including at least 2.0 in Maths and Science subjects
Turkey Successful completion of Devlet Lise Diploması (High School Completion) - 65% overall with minimum 60% in relevant subjects
UAE Successful completion of Tawjihiyya with average of 80%, including relevant subjects
Ukraine Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with a GPA of 7.0
Vietnam Successful completion of Secondary School/Year 12 or a National University Entrance Examination score of 7.0

If your qualification or country is not listed then please contact us for more information.