Why choose the UK?

You will feel welcome as an international student living in the UK. As a Lancaster student, you will live and study on a safe and beautiful University campus in the English countryside.

Living in Lancaster

The UK is a country famous for its history. All around the country you can find medieval castles mixed with modern architecture. Whether you like to spend your time in museums or in cinemas, the UK is an exciting place with lots to do. Located in the northwest of England, Lancaster is an ancient city with a great student community. The city has museums, cafés, cinemas, boutiques, shops, a great music scene and its own ancient castle.

City, coast and countryside

You will find a varied geographical landscape in the UK. The country is small, making it easy to experience different ways of living. People in the UK live anywhere from big cities to small towns and villages. Some people choose to live in the countryside, whilst others prefer living by the sea. Many British beaches are known as ‘pebble beaches’, as they are covered with small stones rather than sand. In Lancaster, you are ideally located to experience all three different lifestyles. As well as the historic city of Lancaster, you are only short journeys away from the coast and countryside. Visit Morecambe Bay or Blackpool to experience the seaside, or the Lake District for stunning scenery in the countryside.

Welcoming community

One of the best parts of living in the UK is its huge international community. Students from all over the world have chosen to live and learn in the UK. As well as being famous for its British culture, the UK has adopted a multicultural atmosphere from all its many international citizens. Living in Lancaster, you will also be close to the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, large and vibrant cities full of international cuisine, culture and people.

"Everyone wants to help you"

An international student on campus at Lancaster University

Exploring the UK

Whilst you study, you can make use of the UK’s excellent transportation system. As well as exploring the rest of the country, you can also use your time in the UK to explore more of Europe.

Rail travel

The UK is serviced by a national rail network connecting towns and cities all over the country. Travelling by rail is usually faster than travelling by road. You can travel to London by direct train in less than two and a half hours. As a student, you can get student discount on many routes travelled by rail. The lowest fares are available the earlier you book your tickets.

Air travel

 The UK is in a prime location for international travel. Many airports offer low cost flights to destinations in Europe.

  • Manchester Airport (MAN) is one hour away by car or train
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) is less than two hours away by car or train
  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR) can be reached by train in less than four hours
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