Two Lancaster ISC student in the lab

Education in the UK

Why study in Lancaster?

Studying at a prestigious UK university will lead you to the successful future you want. The UK is famous throughout the world for the quality of its education system and having a degree from a UK university will impress global employers.

Study in a collegiate system

Some universities in the UK offer a collegiate system. This means you live and socialise with members of your own college, even if they are studying a different subject. The two most famous universities that use this system are Oxford and Cambridge. Lancaster University uses this system too. All students at Lancaster, including those on a pathway programme at the International Study Centre, become a member of one of eight undergraduate colleges:

  • Bowland
  • Cartmel
  • County
  • Furness
  • Fylde
  • Grizedale
  • Lonsdale
  • Pendle

Postgraduate students are a member of Graduate College, which provides specialist support for students continuing their studies.

Studying as an international student

Experience diversity

The UK is very multicultural place. International students are made to feel welcome and are able to experience cultures from all over the world. Lancaster University attracts a lot of international students due to its impressive rankings in the league tables, as well as the campus lifestyle allowing students to immerse themselves in university life and focus on their studies.

Campus or city living?

Universities in the UK are usually split into two types: city universities and campus universities. City universities are located in the middle of cities. The different academic buildings and accommodation options may be located on different streets and surrounded by non-university buildings.

Campus universities are usually located away from city centres. They are self-contained and allow students to have access to all university facilities in one place. Lancaster is a campus university, with access to shops, restaurants, banks, a sports centre, and many other useful amenities.

Flexible study options

Some universities in the UK allow you to study multiple subjects at university. This allows students to gain experience in more than one subject area, which in turn can open up job prospects as a graduate. On top of this, studying more than one subject gives students experience with time management and being independent.

Lancaster University offers two options of academic study options:

  • Single Major: Study one subject in detail and graduate with a Single Honours Degree
  • Combined Major: Study a combination of two or three subjects and graduate with a Combined Honours Degree

Learn from research

Many universities in the UK are research based, with university staff continuing to research their specialist subjects as well as teaching. This allows for a high quality of teaching through courses that explore these new findings from the experts themselves. Lancaster is an internationally recognised research institution, with the last Research Excellence Framework determining 83% of our research rated as either internationally excellent or world leading. University staff are made up of people from all over the world who are passionate in their subject. By studying in the UK, students are able to explore the latest developments in their chosen subject area.